Institute La Nouveauté de Gaudin

Institute La Nouveauté de Gaudin
Built almost 20 years ago by Joy and Hope of Haiti, Gaudin is located in the mountains west of Cap-Haïtien. An OMS (One Mission Society) school, Gaudin is notable for the sacrificial work done by Pastor Herode Pierre and his wife, who regularly give up personal funds to pay their teachers month-to-month. They have done this ever since the school opened.
In the 2018-19 school year, Gaudin had 105 children registered from kindergarten to grade 6. When we visited them early in 2019 they were down to 61 — we hope to reverse this trend.
No teacher has a teacher’s certificate because it is very hard to get teachers and keep them as the school didn’t have the ability to pay them properly. Over the years, their financial situation deteriorated due to the significant reduction of children sponsored under the OMS Starfish program. (At one point, they had 30 of their children sponsored by Starfish but currently only six children are sponsored). In an effort to help them in the immediate short term, Joy and Hope of Haiti is sending them $660 USD per month as of September, 2019.

Notable challenges
  1. They are water-starved  However, there is a mountain spring above the school which could allow a cistern to be built and —with piping — water could be brought down the mountain to the school property. They need $200 USD to repair water tanks.
  2. Salaries need to be paid  Eight staff — 1 Kindergarten as well as 6 Elementary School Teachers and a Director — need our help on an ongoing basis so they can be paid. They need 80% of $800 USD ($640 USD / $870 CDN per month) which equals $10,400 CDN per year. Although poor, they have 20% community/parent support and Pastor Herode uses his meagre Radio 4 VH salary to pay the salaries of some of his teachers.
  3. Paint  The school needs some fixing up and a new coat of paint would really spruce things up. This would be a wonderful work team project if sufficient people could be organized to go.
As mentioned above, we are currently doing our best to meet the school’s short-term needs, but they require on-going support if they are to regain the students they’ve lost and then become sustainable for the long term. Please contact us if you’re able to provide support and / or if you’re willing to provide some sweat equity as we see about giving the school a much needed facelift in 2020. Please call or email us at (905) 577-5482 or

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