Morne Rouge School

This is our flagship school. About 3 miles west of Cap Haitien, Morne Rouge is on Bois Calman Rd, just off the Rue National #1 (the country’s main road in the north). This is hallowed ground: the great slave uprising in the late 1790s that led to the first black republic in the world began close by. Morne Rouge has a well for clean water and excellent toilets. Moringa, a super food, is being grown on-site and added to the soup served twice a week.

It was here that The Joy and Hope of Haiti started out with our novel, matching-tuition-funding project. Our Morne Rouge leadership is proud that they are now meeting all their salary commitments to teachers. Available tuition income has gone from only $200 per month to $400 in the first 6 months and on to over $1,100 USD. This is a triumph and heralds a local commitment by schools to create stable learning environments.

School gardens will begin here through Smith Mulatre, our University of Cap Haitien-educated agronomist. Once the fenced garden area is completed, soccer playgrounds will also be built. This school needs 4 more classrooms and a library room. When complete, this school will be able to take a student from kindergarten to the end of high school. A model for what can be achieved in Haiti, this school brings us much joy and hope!

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