Cancelled for 2020

Join us on Saturday, October 30, 2021 for a not-so-quiet stroll through the park.

Because our work to educate children depends on revenue from this event, please make a gift online by clicking here. Thank you for your support!

Can’t get to the park? Then please lend your support. Because we’re all volunteers, your gift of $25, 450 or $100 goes directly to support our work in Haiti.

$25 will provide a mandatory uniform for a child to attend school

Often children cannot attend school because their parents are unable to purchase a uniform. The uniforms are important because they help identify kids quickly, and helps keep them safe. The uniforms also give the children an immense sense of pride.

$50 will provide a hot meal for a child attending school – for an entire year!

Please remember this may be the only meal that child receives all day. Crazy, but true. We provide 1,500,000 servings of nutritious and fortifying food each and every year. To do this, we send two large containers to Haiti annually at a cost of about $25,000.

$100 will pay a teacher’s monthly salary

Yes, you read that correctly: $100 is how much a teacher in Haiti earns every four weeks. We all know the difference a great teacher makes so this should be an easy one to say ‘yes’ to! At Joy and Hope of Haiti, we’re proud to support 225 teachers who oversee the education of 2,751 children in nine schools. Although many of them are unemployed, parents do everything they can to contribute towards their kids’ education. We have ‘matching’ programs in place at every school encouraging parents to invest in the future of their families. Currently, for every dollar the parents give, we contribute $1.75.

Honour your favourite teacher: Donate $1,200 in her / his name and in so doing pay a teacher’s salary for the entire year!


** All donations of $20 or more are tax deductible **

On behalf of the children of Haiti, their families, and the schools that, together, we are going to help, we thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness.

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