Build a school like this one

Joy and Hope of Haiti has participated in the construction of schools either in total, or in part for over 30 years.  As of 2016, Joy and Hope of Haiti decided to delay any new construction of schools. Instead, we work with the schools we built to help improve their operations.  We do this through our Teacher Matching Salary Program.

This unique-to-us program is keeping schools open and viable. Joy and Hope of Haiti matches the money raised from Parents paying Tuition to the best of their impoverished abilities. It is never enough.   Our collaboration with Parents and the school ensures that there is enough to pay teachers and most operation costs-  we do this by matching what Haitians can pay at a ratio of about 3 to 1.  3 Joy and Hope of Haiti dollars to every Haitian Parent dollar.   We have seen schools saved this way and some schools are now just 1 to 1 as success ensues.

In addition to these needed monthly funds, some schools do need repairs, added classrooms, new toilets, and clean water initiatives.   Can you help us do this?  So little can do so much.

For example:

  • Keeping hundreds of kids and a community insulated from water borne illness’s requires a deep well. A deep well = $4000.00
  • Can you imagine having not toilet facilities in your school or work area? No toilet facilities is a reality for many schools.  New toilet = $5000.00
  • We expect to see 30 more students next year. These schools will need additional classrooms to support these new and excited students.  New classroom = $2500.00

Joy and Hope of Haiti hopes to provide all of the above and more to our 27 schools but for now our priority is providing toilet facilities to Cambefort School in Cap Hatian, and the high mountain school called Coup A David School.  Can you help?

Donate now and be sure to indicate in the ‘Message Box’ what initiative you’re supporting. Thank you.

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