Coup a David School

Visitors to Coup a David School are struck by not just the effort needed to get to this remote mountain school but also the determination of the people to have a school available for these gentle and motivated kids. Every pound of block, mortar and steel was carried up perilous paths on the head of a Haitian worker or parent. Incredible!

One Coup a David School student named Chedeline dreams of becoming a doctor and returning to this beautiful but medically abandoned area. Chedeline’s dream is close to becoming a reality. Read all about Joy and Hope of Haiti’s Higher Education Initiative and learn about what drives Chediline to achieve this amazing dream.

Our Goals for Coup a David School in 2021:

  1. Purchase and install much needed toilets. $5000.
  2. Dig a well and provided clean water. $4500.
  3. Continue providing twice weekly nutrition to the students and teachers. $1000.

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Our 2021 Goals