Food Sustainability in School Program

Food is important; food sustainability is critical. The Joy and Hope of Haiti is investing time, talent and treasure in the farming of Moringa, a “miracle” plant providing much-needed nourishment. That said, high rewards come at a great risk; over 1,000 of our plants were destroyed in late 2016 by flooding as a result of Hurricane Matthew.

In order to demonstrate and instruct gardens and family vegetable production to students in the school, a four-quadrant, multi-style garden area will demonstrate four ways of approaching gardening in Haiti:

  1. Traditional Haitian garden beds
  2. ACAT-style beds
  3. Water irrigation ECHO-style beds
  4. Smith-preferred, university-style beds.

These four options will enable students to accept change and introduce them to newer, more productive ways to supply their families with food year-round.

The land at Morne Rouge now has the first of these gardens. The second will be at Duty School.

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