Higher education initiative

To promote excellence and give hope to our students, we are thrilled to provide meaningful, monetary support to superb students. This provides our schools with an incentive for achieving excellence.

Current examples:

  • Chedeline Ambrose
    Joy and Hope of Haiti helped Chedeline attend a reputable High School in Cap Haitien. In her final year, Chedeline attained the grades necessary to attend University in the Domenican Republic. In preparation for her attending University, Joy and Hope of Haiti is helping her learn Spanish.
  • Tanya Laurendin
    Tanya is currently in her 3rd year of Nursing. While attending school, Tanya works as part of the Joy and Hope of Haiti Food Program Team. This is a paid position which provides Tanya with an income needed to support herself while going to school.

Your support will enable us to offer this Initiative to all our schools. Make yours a true offer of Joy and Hope to students by encouraging them to realize their dreams.

Statistically, the typical Haitian child attains a Grade Six education. With the collaboration of Joy and Hope of Haiti, two schools that we support have been able to offer additional grades to successful students for the past six years. Thanks to your support, about 60 students a year are completing High School. None of these students can go further without some help.

We want to help these motivated students keep learning. $50.00 per month makes life changing differences. Can you support be part of one student’s aspirations?

Students are Graduating from Morne Rouge School and Duty School. For more information go to our Minds page.

Donate now and be sure to indicate in the ‘Message Box’ what initiative you’re supporting. Thank you.

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