Institute Centre’ Espoir d’Petite Anse Ecole

Centre’ Espoir d’Petite Anse is a rapidly growing inner-city school.  Four years ago, there were 414 students attending.  Now they have over 1400!  The wonderful teachers provide excellent leadership and education to the Centre’ Espoir d’Petite Anse students.  Recently, an additional school location has been added providing plenty of room for more classes and students.  The new location includes a garden area which allows the teachers and students to grow much needed vegetables which is turned into soup and provided to the school population.

Joy and Hope of Haiti is proud to be able to donate regularly to this wonderful school.

Our Goals for Centre’ Espoir d’Petite Anse in 2021:

  1. Continue donating funds regularly to build more classrooms. $5000.00
  2. Continue donating funds regularly to provide even more nutrition and meals to the school population. $1000.00

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Agricultural funding to use the one acre land for food production