Lassaire School

Reachable only by terrible roads (we Canadians have nothing to complain about!) Often accessible only by motorcycle, Lassaire School is in a very remote area east of Cap Haitien in the Bahon area. The Joy and Hope of Haiti built this school in the early 1990’s and has now completed a five-room addition. This construction included new toilets and an instructional garden to teach kids to feed themselves. Many of the kids attending Lassaire School walk up to 10 miles a day to get to school. They are that motivated to get an education. Many of the teachers there make personal sacrifices to ensure the students get food and get an education. Please, help us help them.

Our Goals for Lassaire School in 2021:

  1. Continue donating funds regularly to build more classrooms. $5000.00
  2. Continue donating funds regularly to provide even more nutrition and meals to the school population. $1000.00

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