Morne Rouge School

Morne Rouge School is our flagship school.  Located about three miles west of Cap Hatien, it is on Bois Calan Rd., just off the Rue National #1 (Haiti’s main road in the north). This is considered hallowed ground; the Great Slave Uprising in the late 1790’s that led to the first Black  Republic in the world began nearby.

Morne Rouge has a well for clean water and excellent toilet facilities.  It has an instructional garden that adds much needed nutrition to the soup served twice weekly.

Seven years ago there were approx. 380 students at Morne Rouge. Today there are over 580 students in classes ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Much of the growth has been thanks to the fine teachers at Morne Rouge. Through personal sacrifice they have added classrooms to ensure they can welcome the motivated students who make their way there.

Our Goals for Morne Rouge School in 2021:

  1. Add a library. $2500
  2. Build a soccer field and develop a soccer program. $1200.00

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