In order to understand Haiti, you have to experience it. You’ve got to live it. Touch it. You must take it all in.

Visiting Haiti for the first time you will be shocked. Overwhelmed. You will become disoriented and angry. Disillusioned even. Haiti is a place where your heart soul and mind are moved in ways often long forgotten is our wonderful Canadian lives.

Everything you know about mission work and everything you believe about your faith — everything — will be tested. One week and you will be changed.

One week, that’s all it will take.

The question now is, “Do you have what it takes?” If so, join us on a journey of faith. If God is calling you, please answer. Say ‘yes’. Be transformed and made new. Have your life changed. Not upside down; but right side up.

You’ve waited long enough. More importantly, God’s waited long enough.

Don’t wait another minute: